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Hurry Up and Say Something Funny-Carnegie, PA

Every month, we invite comics to bring their most crowd driven behavior to the stage. We want them to do strictly crowd work. May it be ripping on audience members or just riffing through conversation with them. Each comic will be prepared to perform 10 minutes. However, that can change with the way our red light works. Each light is a warning to the comic to wrap it up. If the comic is winning the crowd and is commanding the attention of the room, we will hold their light giving them more stage time. On the other side, if the comic completely loses the crowd and the crowd commands the room or the comic can’t get a word in or has a clear nervous breakdown, we’ll put them out of their misery and light them early. If any comic impedes said red light warning, their mic will be cut and they will be played off with music. Remember we only want crowd work. No real material. If we believe material is in play it will lead to immediate dismissal of our stage. Also, this is the only comedy show that heckling from the crowd is encouraged.

Day Bracey is hosting and this month we are featuring, Derek MintoRay ZawodniTim RossSuzanne LawrenceSamantha Bentley & Ian McIntoshEvil Swine BBQ is serving up food. The mead is amazing. All brought to you by Epicast TV.