About Ray

Pittsburgh native, Ray Zawodni has been called a son, a brother, a lover and a loser but he mostly prefers to be called a stand-up comedian. After finishing his fourth year at West Virginia University, the proud Mountaineer returned to the Steel City to pursue a dream that he has had since he was a small child...but when he realized he was too out of shape to be a superhero, he decided to try comedy instead! Over the past 6 years, he has used his devilishly good looks and boyish charm to entertain audiences all over the east coast. Zawodni is a regular performer at the Pittsburgh Improv and the Arcade Comedy Theater.He also performs at colleges across the region including the University of Pittsburgh, California University of Pennsylvania and his alma mater, WVU.

Ray has appeared on the WDVE Morning Show. it's at this radio station where he can be heard judging their yearly "Hot Mom Contest", a competition he takes far too seriously. Zawodni is known for his versatility on stage. Whether he is performing in the dark corner of a dive bar for local bikers or telling jokes to families at a church fundraiser, Zawodni always manages to keep his audience laughing. This comedian who grew up in a close-knit, working-class family feels honored to have shared the stage with some of the best comedians in the country such as Ralphie May, Aries Spears, Tom Segura, Chris D'elia, Loni Love, John Witherspoon and many more greats that he doesn't have time to brag about.


“Man you're one of the only white guys that's ever made me laugh. You, Jerry Seinfeld and Ray Romano!”---Muscular black guy at Pittsburgh Improv


“I loved your show! I laughed at your stuff the whole time, even though i'm very religious.”---Open minded catholic guy after my show


No Weeks Notice

Over the past 14 years, Ray Zawodni has held over 20 different jobs and all of them had one thing in common...he quit. But Ray was never a part of an epic workplace termination. He never threw an apron at a boss or told an annoying coworker to screw off. He either completely vanished or put in a two weeks notice. Even though he never had one of those "screw you" moments at work, Ray still loves an entertaining job quitting story. It is on this show where Ray will talk to fellow entertainers about their worst jobs and more importantly, how they got rid of them. This podcast aims to give hope to those employees that sit at a miserable job every day and fantasize about sticking it to the man. This is No Weeks Notice. 


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